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Develop The 4 Traits Of A Rock Star Coach

Trait #1 – The Mechanic
Once you master “the mechanics” of training, your clients will get jaw-dropping results.  We help you create an experience like no other in your group training sessions and we increase your effectiveness to lead them through a fun, safe and challenging workout.

 You will learn hidden secrets for controlling the room during a group session, verbal cues that will make it feel like two Coaches are on the floor and tips for programming safe and effective workouts.

Trait #2 – The Professional

Becoming known as the top fitness professional in your community takes a plan of action. You must build your reputation, look and act the part, value you and your clients time and become known as the #1 Fitness Professional in your community.


Trait #3 – The Showman

Every session is like a show! In today’s world, we need to keep things fun and entertaining. It doesn’t mean you will be dancing around like a Broadway musical but we provide strategies that will make your sessions binge-worthy.

You will learn lessons from Dustin’s experience in Pro Wrestling to help you to develop your showmanship skills. This is the intangible part of your workouts that makes you stand tall above any other fitness program.

Trait #4 – The Leader

Your success in fitness hinges on your leadership skills. You must control the room when you’re coaching groups. You must lead your clients with confidence. You must have a vision for yourself and your team. In this module we will help you to get all the tools needed to be a great leader so you can make a legacy based on the impact you’ve made.

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Dustin Bogle Fitness

Who is Dustin Bogle?

Dustin is a Personal Trainer with 15 years experience in the fitness industry. His passion for helping others began after helping himself. In high school, he was overweight, shy and unhappy. He lost 60 pounds and immediately got a boost in confidence and well-being.

Since then, he’s opened his multiple fitness facilities in Southern California and has impacted tens of thousands local residents to live a healthy lifestyle. 

Over the years, he developed a system for training Coaches to deliver a “show” at every session. That training system is now available to all Trainers, Coaches and Fitness Professionals – The Rock Star Coaching Academy. 




I Want to PERSONALLY Work With You One-On-One In To Help You To Develop The 4 Traits Of A Rock Star Coach

We Are Looking To Work With A Handful Of Coaches That Want To Make A Lasting Change On Their Clients. This Is Unlike Any Other Fitness Certification And Will Be A Game-Changer For Your Career.

A Coach Can Help You Practice Safe Sets.

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