Lost 90 Pounds at FBBC

I have been overweight since puberty. My weight problem during high school definitely formed my low self-esteem. I settled for a lot because I felt it was all I could get. When I moved to a place of my own I started gaining more weight!
My eating got so far out control, I needed help!

In February of 2004 I had Roux-en-Y Gastric bypass surgery. I was 27 years old, I weighed 382 lbs and wore a size 31. Walking was my main source of exercise, usually every day.

On my year anniversary, I had lost a staggering 200lbs!

I weighed 180lbs and was a size 10. I was happy with all that I had accomplished. I did have a lot of hanging skin which made me very self-conscious! I met and married my now husband in 2009. I regained a little weight but lost it before I became pregnant.

After my second baby, I started slowly gaining weight again and losing and gaining. In 2016 I reached 272 lbs and decided to do a challenge at a Fit Body Boot Camp. I exercised every day and ate healthily and lost the regained weight.

I fell in love with it and now am down to 182 lbs! I’ve lost 90lbs! Not to mention I lost 21% body fat. I have found a new love for fitness!

I had never worked so hard in my life!I am leaner today than I have ever been, at 41 years old. Finding others who have your same struggles and have the same goals is amazing. Maybe one day I could become a coach!

Perfection is not what I’m after. I’m not skinny.  But I am strong! I look in the mirror and I’m proud of my incredible journey. I never want my kids to experience the struggle that I did, so I lead by example. I appreciate every aspect of my journey. It will always be a lifetime commitment to stay healthy.

No matter what DON’T QUIT!

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