Feeling Sexy In 6 Weeks

Never in my life would I ever thought I’d stick with a gym and actually go on a regular basis. I’ve had memberships to gyms with the equipment I went for a couple years. I never saw results and even hired a Trainer but they only showed me the machines and didn’t help me with my nutrition. I didn’t lose any weight for 3-4 months.

After that, I signed up at another gym with my husband. We signed up for 2 years and neither of us went. My husband work schedule didn’t allow much time for him to attend. As for me, I was uncomfortable with my appearance knowing and I wouldn’t want to go knowing that the majority of the people there were thin and fit. I would talk myself out of going.

That brings me to January 16, 2017. That’s when I joined a 6 Week Challenge at a different kind of gym. Yes, I was nervous but I also felt desperate. I needed to make a change.

When I came into this place I was surprised to see no intimidating equipment. I was welcomed by a young lady and she told me about her journey and I saw the pictures on the wall and others who were the same size as me which was comforting.

While doing this 6 Week Challenge I followed the nutrition and attended 6 days a week for 30 mins I saw weight come off 2 to 4 lbs which was CRAZY compared to what I saw in the past.

When this challenge finished I was hooked and feeling better about myself. I was able to squat without pain and was able to work in my yard. I signed up for a membership because I knew this place would change my life.

After 6 months I lost 56 lbs and made it up on the Wall Of Fame. Later on I fit into a size 16 dress, which my granddaughter picked out, and I would have never considered such a dress. Normally I fit into a 4x to 5x! I attended a party at the gym and for the first time in awhile, I felt SEXY.

I love coming to FBBC every day. Yes, some days are harder than others due to my injury issue but I try to do my best.

I’m proud to say I recently celebrated my 300th session. I’m proud of myself for not quitting and I know I will reach my goal with the support of my fitness family.

Thank you all. I love you all. You are like my second family!

Don’t Quit!!

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