3 Lessons I Learned From My Time In Pro Wrestling

Most people don’t know this about me but I was an active Professional Wrestler on the independent circuit for over 10 years.

Yes, I used to enter a room with theme music, half-naked, covered in baby oil and I would deliver dropkicks to the person across from me.
Today, I’m a Coach in the fitness industry and walk into a room completely dressed (most of the time), covered in gratitude and deliver a world-class experience to our clients at Fit Body Boot Camp.
But I’ve learned some lessons along the way that I took from my experience in the wrestling industry and apply it to our boot camp culture. These lessons can help you to step out of your comfort zone and reach your fitness goals too!

Lesson #1 – Create A Persona

During my time in Pro Wrestling, I had to come up with a character that would connect with the audience. For half of my career, I was a singles wrestler known as Diablo. But the second half of my career, I was in a tag team with my brother.
We were known as the Cutler Brothers who were evil Personal Trainers. One of us would distract the ref while the other choked our opponent with an exercise resistance band. After that, we would throw protein powder in the eyes of our opponents, blinding them so we can pin them for the victory.
It always got a big reaction out of the crowd but I use that story to share how a “persona” can get you to feel comfortable doing uncomfortable things.
For example, Beyonce says that when she’s on stage, she is Sasha Fierce. It’s her alter ego when she is performing that remembers every dance move and has tons of confidence.
When developing your persona, ask yourself these questions…
What makes you unique?
What would others find interesting about your background?
Where did you find your passion?
Create a character that can do things that you normally could not and use that as a tool to step out of your comfort zone.

Lesson #2 – Add Showmanship

Let’s face it – everybody is busy. We have so much going on in our lives and so much input it’s hard to concentrate. I learned quickly in my wrestling career that I’m going to need to stand out. I’m going need to keep people entertained to keep them engaged.
So how do I apply that to our boot camp culture? We combine 3 things – education, fitness training, and entertainment. We call it info-train-ment. We have a goal to teach you about nutrition and training in a fun way.
It helps the information to stick in your mind and it helps us to stand above all the noise out there.
One of the phrases we love to use at FBBC is “Practice Safe Sets” which is an example of our tongue-in-cheek humor.
We also have a special FBBC Championship Belt and give our events a fun name. I have a Facebook Live show called Lunch with a Punch where I share some nutrition tips to help you reach your goals.
How does this apply to your fitness journey?

In short – make things more fun!
We can always inject some humor by giving something a silly name. Also, teaching to others is the best way to teach yourself.

Think of ways you share what you’ve learned about nutrition and training with others in a fun way.
Want your kids to get more involved with healthy eating?

Take them shopping, let them pick out the produce and ask them to help you prepare a meal with the ingredients they picked out.

Want the family to try a new recipe?

Try giving the meal a fun name! I told my kids that my latest blueberry smoothie is called the Purple People Cleaner. They were laughing and couldn’t wait to try it.

Lesson #3 – Help Others Conquer Their Villains

I knew people watched Pro Wrestling for the amazing moves and athleticism. But later I realized the stories meant much more to the audience. They loved to see the underdog defeat the big giant. It was captivating to see a wrestler defeat their inner demons and win the championship.
It gave others hope and made them realize they can win as long as they don’t give up.
When talking to thousands of fans, they explained that the stories being told in match helped them through a tough time in their personal life. It inspired them to watch good versus evil unfold in the ring.
I applied that lesson to my career in fitness. I wanted to tell the story of achievement. We have a Wall Of Fame at our facilities where we showcase clients who have lost 20+ pounds or have undergone a drastic visual transformation.
For some people, losing 8 or 10 pounds can create a very noticeable change in their body and we celebrate that.

In wrestling, you are working to become the Champion.
You work your way up the ranks to one day put the championship belt around your waist and have your arm raised in victory.
But that’s not what I wanted anymore. I didn’t want the championship for myself.
I want to champion others. That’s what I get to do with my clients every day. I get to celebrate their weight loss, non-scale victories and achievements of becoming the strongest version of themselves.
I learned many lessons during my time in Pro Wrestling but the most valuable lesson of them all – give without expectation.
There are lots of people that need help. They need words of encouragement. They need positive energy. Put that out every day and nothing can defeat you – not even The Undertaker.

Rock on!
– Dustin Bogle

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