Mindset Monday: The Show Must Go On

I’m returning home to Cali this week after a family vacation to Disney World. It was a great trip with lots of quality family time.

There was a great lesson that I was reminded of one night at dinner and I know it can help you to achieve your goals!

Let me set the stage…

My wife is a great vacation planner and she signed us up to go to a luau dinner one night at our resort.

The dinner includes a wonderful Hawaiian inspired feast along with a show including hula dancing and other traditional Polynesian dances.

The show was off to a good start, but if you know Florida’s weather, then you know they get sporadic rain – even in the summer.

We experienced some of it but the heaviest downpour we saw was right in the middle of our dinner!

Here’s a photo of my daughter, Chloe, as we arrived to dinner and the second photo is 20 minutes later! CRAZY!!

When the

 weather turned for the worst, the staff covered the instruments with tarps and announced on the loudspeaker that then show is delayed until it clears up.

Some of the people sitting near us asked for their check because they figured the show is done.

But I knew from my background in wrestling, that true performers don’t like to quit. For them, the show MUST GO ON!

And that’s exactly what happened, about 20 minutes later, the clouds moved on, the rain stopped and the performers finished their show. I’m glad they did because they ROCKED IT!

Here’s a couple of photos from their grand finale…

But let’s take a deeper look at what happened. Things got difficult and the first sign of tough times, people gave up.

They didn’t believe things could get better. They quit.

On the other hand, many others remained optimistic. They paid good money and they had hopes that things can get better and clear up so they can see the rest of the show.

You see, we all face adversity in our lives and we get to CHOOSE how we want to respond. No one forces you to quit or to continue forward. That choice is up to you.

You will come to forks in the road. You will be faced with decisions – sometimes easy and sometimes tough.

And your choices will define who you are as a person, where you are in life and your health.

I’ve been through some tough times (and I’m sure you have too) so a little rain isn’t enough to make me want to quit. In fact, I’m built for winter!

As we move into a new week, remember one thing – tough times don’t last but tough people do!

Have a GREAT week!

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