If you’ve struggled with losing weight or have hit a plateau with your results, this topic could be the missing link.

Here’s the funny thing, it’s about COMMUNICATION

We’ve all heard the phrase that you’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time around.

But most of us don’t pick our inner circle from a lineup. We hang out with people that are like us. People that share the same values, interests and beliefs.

Like attracts like.

And here’s where things get challenging. What happens with your relationships when you want to change?

At first, your friends wanted to hangout based on the person you were when you met. Eventually, things change. You grow. You set goals.

Now you have to ask yourself if they will support you. Will that add wind to your sails or act like an anchor and slow you down.

And this doesn’t just apply to your friends. It applies to family. The most vital person to have on your side is your spouse.

They have the biggest influence on your habits since they live with you. They influence your eating habits, exercise habits, sleep habits, and your mindset.

The clients that I work with who have a supportive spouse are 10x more likely to reach their fitness goals and KEEP IT OFF.

When things are off at home, it has a tremendous impact on the health or your body and mind.

The number one thing you can do with your circle of influence is to communicate, communicate, communicate.

People cannot mind read. When you start changing your behaviors and habits without communication, you’re only making your progress more difficult.

Let your friends know you’re trying to lose weight and how they can best support you. Maybe they can plan a meetup that doesn’t involve food? Maybe you can meal prep together? Invite them to join you at the gym.

The same discussion needs to happen with your spouse. If they’re not on board with living a healthy lifestyle you’re looking ahead at a lifetime of misalignment. That can cause stressful thoughts and feelings.

The big message here is to take action on communication TODAY. Don’t wait for the next time you see someone or when it’s “the right time.”

Begin setting expectations for those around you by communicating clearly and watch your world change.

Stop waiting or others will steer the direction of your life. Take control of your life now.

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