This story does not have a happy ending.  I’m sorry, I’m normally the “The Positive Guy” but my team and I have suffered a loss in our fitness family that’s weighing heavy on our minds. A little while ago, we had a client that signed up for a Challenge. She was excited and started coming to boot camp with intentions to get healthy. After the first week, we didn’t see her very often and reached out often but didn’t hear back.

Months went by and she walked in ready to make a permanent change. She jumped right into a membership and seemed ready to lose weight. We were elated and ready to help her!! Again, the schedule got in the way.

After a couple of months, we got word she was dropping the membership. We fought to show the importance of health but the decision was made and there was no way to change it.

A few days ago, she suffered a stroke and passed away. She was under 40 years old. When I heard the news it felt like getting punched in the gut. It painful to think that the #1 thing that could have helped her is what we do every day at FBBC, and we let her down.

Could we have stopped this from happening?

Could we have expressed the importance of health even more?

What if we reached out just one more time?

It’s hard to say what could have helped but the phrase we keep hearing ringing our hears is “I’m too busy to get to boot camp.”

Friends, we are all busy. We all have things competing for our time. We all have a to-do list one mile long.

Please read this story and use it to remind you of the preciousness of life, and most importantly, YOUR HEALTH.

Your health is the quantity AND quality of your years.

The best way to honor the gift of your body is to cherish it and take care of it as best you can.

Your health is your wealth!

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