This story does not have a happy ending.  I’m sorry, I’m normally the “The Positive Guy” but my team and I have suffered a loss in our fitness family that’s weighing heavy on our minds. A little while ago, we had a client that signed up for a Challenge. She was excited and started coming to boot […]


We all have a fitness goal that we are chasing. For most people I work with, it’s 100% about fat-loss. They want to burn stubborn belly fat, build muscle and shape their body to be lean and tight. Today I wanted to share some tips to help you get the most from your workout so […]


If you’ve struggled with losing weight or have hit a plateau with your results, this topic could be the missing link. Here’s the funny thing, it’s about COMMUNICATION We’ve all heard the phrase that you’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time around. But most of us don’t pick our inner […]

How to Build Self Confindence

After 15 years in the fitness industry, I found an interesting trend. I thought most people wanted to lose weight, tone up and have more energy. I was surprised when I asked my clients, “what do you want from this fitness program?” and I would often get a response that caught me off guard…. “I want more […]

Mindset Monday: The Show Must Go On

I’m returning home to Cali this week after a family vacation to Disney World. It was a great trip with lots of quality family time. There was a great lesson that I was reminded of one night at dinner and I know it can help you to achieve your goals! Let me set the stage… […]

Can I Do Boot Camp With A Pre-Existing Injury?

On this episode of Lunch With A Punch, I discuss taking boot camp with a pre-existing injury. I’m joined by special guest, Coach, and good friend – Rob Du Haime. We discuss special protocols we have in place at Fit Body Boot Camp to keep our clients safe, get them amazing results and work with […]

3 Lessons I Learned From My Time In Pro Wrestling

Most people don’t know this about me but I was an active Professional Wrestler on the independent circuit for over 10 years. Yes, I used to enter a room with theme music, half-naked, covered in baby oil and I would deliver dropkicks to the person across from me. Today, I’m a Coach in the fitness […]

Feeling Sexy In 6 Weeks

Never in my life would I ever thought I’d stick with a gym and actually go on a regular basis. I’ve had memberships to gyms with the equipment I went for a couple years. I never saw results and even hired a Trainer but they only showed me the machines and didn’t help me with […]