Category: Success Stories

Feeling Sexy In 6 Weeks

Never in my life would I ever thought I’d stick with a gym and actually go on a regular basis. I’ve had memberships to gyms with the equipment I went for a couple years. I never saw results and even hired a Trainer but they only showed me the machines and didn’t help me with […]

Lost 90 Pounds at FBBC

I have been overweight since puberty. My weight problem during high school definitely formed my low self-esteem. I settled for a lot because I felt it was all I could get. When I moved to a place of my own I started gaining more weight! My eating got so far out control, I needed help! […]

Boot Camp Gave Me Confidence

My name is Wendy and I started my fitness journey at Victorville FBBC in June of 2017. As a 29 year old mom of 2 boys under the age of 5, one day I realized how unhealthy I was when trying to run with my boys. I played soccer my entire life and was healthy […]